Open Leap


aNa B1

an open leap it crept through the fissures of the years it perched on the thinnest shells of the rocks swinging on the wet swamps of extraordinary speed
sudden and sleeved-marching commotion upon the tardy stems


unanimous march in its necessary placidity. when sowing the narration
the flower-bed would pierce itself in its greatness of nailed Wall
— strings of when the sequestered arms –
concave closeness of morning ogives that self emerge
and the innumerous torches goin’ down curling up around sound


in the forgetfulness of the dusk afloat
a plastered façade in its coughed out delirium
inside there was its visceral magnitude and its extent of delusion
its apricot walkway where again music descends barefooted and dull
husking itself
slaps of lunatic rigidity, in honey when it slides in its vast flexible width
its truly phonic impulsion


time and its high all-containing metallic constructions the immense anatomy of dream
a carapace. paced paper cat
aract imposing itself a rhythm of nails on the neck it skids by delivering

it was